Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Court, Groups, and Spying

All three are totally unrelated except they are all an irritant to me right now.

The court case against Nutjob continues. We got a summary judgment against her school and we have to wait until it closes before we go after her. Anybody interested in buying a bunch of second hand school materials?

The homeschool group I'm in has been very frustrating lately. Women+homeschooling=lunacy. People are only able to homeschool if they're willing to be more individualistic. But for women in general (yes, I know there are exceptions and many of them are my friends) even if they are individualistic in behavior, it is very hard for them to accept that others do things differently. Most, I'll take that back and say people, feel that when someone does something differently that it is somehow a judgement of them or their decisions/behavior/ideas. I say I don't like a program and so I won't move a field trip that conflicts with that program (the field trip was scheduled first, dammit!) and the women who do like said program get upset and expect an apology. I don't like tuna salad either....if someone has a great recipe for it should I apologize for thinking canned tuna smells like stripper underwear. Don't ask how I know that it does :) light of the Bush administrations open declaration that they don't care what the law is in regards to spying on Americans domestically, the issue of spying on others has been very interesting to me lately. Spying itself has become an issue in my life even with the homeschool group. Another group that hates us (we're a bunch of elitist, leftist, god-hating heathens don't 'cha know) and tries to evesdrop on what we do. I've been thinking of it in the context of Bush's statement that even *if* it happened to be illegal to cut deals with phone companies to monitor millions of Americans, he'd do it again to protect America. When one feels that one is rightous any action is acceptable

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